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Hadstock Farm has been in the Chamberlain family since 1878. From small beginnings, Hadstock Farm now cultivates over 50-60 acres of spring flowers and bulbs, making Hadstock Farm one of the largest daffodil and tulip growers in New Zealand.

Hadstock Farm is situated just a 20 minutes drive from Christchurch on the fertile soils alongside the Selwyn River in the heart of Canterbury.

Daffodils are undoubtedly the most popular spring flowers. Our famous Golden Yellow Trumpet Daffodil ‘Malvern City’ promises renewed hope, spring lambs, and warmer days. Our open day to pick your own bucketful of daffodils for $10 is the first weekend in September every year; we look forward to seeing you all there!

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Welcome to Hadstock Farm

We currently have Dahlia Tubers, Lily Bulbs and Gladioli Corms available.

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