The Chamberlain Family

The Chamberlain Family has been on Hadstock Farm since 1878, and we definitely plan to keep the tradition going for everyone to enjoy! The farm is still very much family run with extra hands coming in to help out for harvest. Hadstock Farm has been in our family for six generations and is our pride and joy! We specialise in growing daffodils and tulips, among many other bulb varieties, to keep us busy throughout the year.

Producing bulbs requires a lot of work, keeping the family busy all year round. During the summer, we dig our bulbs up from the paddocks, wash, hot water treat and grade, making sure we select our highest quality bulbs for our customers. We reserve some of our bulbs to be cooled to encourage early flowering.

At the end of the summer and autumn, we start planting the bulbs. The daffodil bulbs start flowering in winter and continue through spring. We aim to have continuous blooming from June with different varieties staggering the season. Once the daffodils have come through, we then move on to tulips, bluebells, and other varieties. Then the cycle continues.

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