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Daffodils are undoubtedly the most popular spring flowers. Our famous golden yellow trumpet daffodil Malvern City promises renewed hope, spring lambs, and warmer days.

Malvern City

Large yellow trumpet daffodil. Strong flowering and great for naturalising

Malvern City

Malvern City


Krakatoa flowers in early spring and is a strong flowering daffodil and a very hardy bulb that multiplies well. Krakatoa is a good variety for beds, borders, and as a cut flower. One of the best varieties for naturalising.


Yellow Cheerfulness

A multi-headed and late flowering daffodil, a scented and great companion for White Cheerfulness.


A yellow/deep orange spectacular that double blooms with many layers of petals.


A very bright yellow and orange double daffodil

White Lion

Beautiful layered double daffodil that is sweetly fragranced and has creamy white petals surrounding a warm yellow centre.

Jeanne D’Arc

This daffodil has a split corona in yellow and white.


Double layers of white petals surrounding an orange clustered cup.


This scented double is a very large beautiful creamy white.

Louis de Cogine

Long and narrow apricot trumpet with near white petals, subtly perfumed.


Large yellow/orange-rimmed cup with creamy white petals. A great contrast in colours and great addition to your garden.

Mixed Daffodils

On our farm, we grow many different varieties of daffodils. These bulbs are a mixture from our strong daffodil varieties and will guarantee a great display in spring. What varieties you get is pot luck!


Geranium is a stunning daffodil that has multiple small blooms on each stalk. The blooms have brilliant white petals highlighted by a bright orange cup. Geranium also has a wonderful sweet fragrance

White Cheerfulness

A rich white daffodil with small multiple semi-double blooms per stem. A late flowering and sweetly scented flower. It’s an old time favourite, not often available.

Grand Monarque

Grand Monarque is a jonquil type daffodil. Has beautiful white petals with a stunning yellow cup and multiple heads per stem. Lovely fragrance.

Jonquil Mix

This mixture is made up of Jonquils, which are multi-headed, with small strongly scented flowers.

This will create a great display this Spring with and extended flowering time.

What varieties you get is pot luck!

Golden Treasure

Golden Treasure is a large-cupped daffodil with bright yellow flowers and a vibrant orange cup. Very hardy variety that is great for naturalising.


Earlicheer is one of the old-time favourites with double flowers of creamy white petals and small multiple heads on the one stem. Earlicheer is known for it’s strong FRAGRANCE and does well in pots, in the vase, or in any garden.


Carlton is a traditional and very popular variety, it is a bright and vibrant yellow with a short trumpet. Later flowering. Great for naturalizing.


Fortune is a large-cupped daffodil with rich buttery yellow flowers and a brilliant soft orange centre giving that touch of sunshine to any garden. Fortune is a reliable variety.


Cresendo flowers in mid spring and is a very strong flowering daffodil and a hardy bulb that multiplies well. Cresendo is known for its distinct small orange cup.

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