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One of the defining features of the Snowflake are the eye catching green marks at the tip of the white petals.

Lush green plants will start showing 30+ cm tall stems, carrying gracefully drooping bright bell-shaped white flowers in spring.

Great old time favourite.

Snowflake-Leucojum does best in well drained soil, but doesn’t need much care. We highly recommend this Spring Snowflake. Snowflakes are dependable and multiply well because they are such a hardy variety they grow well under trees and are perfect for naturalising.


For that ultimate English woodland SPRING feeling!

These large bulbs are easy to grow and multiply readily, so great for naturalising projects. They provide you with an ‘ocean of blue’ in spring. A great contrast if planted near daffodils.

Juno Iris

Juno Iris is a miniature iris and looks stunning in the garden. It’s also ideal for growing in pots.

Juno Iris Bucharica is a hardy spring flowering species and is easily grown.

The flowers are creamy white with bright yellow falls.

Grape Hyacinth

These bright blue grape hyacinths are among the first to flower in spring and look great between other bulbs. Good for naturalising.

Star of Bethlehem

A fantastic Ornithogalum with star shaped white flowers. A very hardy and tolerant variety.

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