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Red Matador

Tulips are a great asset to any garden. Their vibrant colours create a stunning display in spring.

Red Matador is a nicely shaped tulip, a brilliant red with a blue base.

One of the best tulips available for naturalising.  Also, it’s an excellent pot variety.

Red Matador is a traditional, strong, hardy tulip on a sturdy stem.

Oxford Elite

Oxford Elite is very vibrant and flowers with tall, strong stems and large blooms. Its distinctive dark orange colour with yellow edging makes this a real STUNNER.

Oxford Elite is a hardy and trustworthy variety which makes it ideal for planting in your garden.

Oxford Elite is easy to grow for borders and multiplies/naturalises well also makes a great cut flower.

Big Smile

Big Smile is a stunning, very strong tulip. A bright golden yellow giant that brings a smile to your face! Big Smile has well shaped yellow blooms that retain their shape and colour until the end. Big Smile is one of the strongest tulip varieties, which means it is great for naturalising, and also great as a cut flower.


Francoise is a tulip of exceptional strength with a sturdy stem and strong bloom. The soft ivory-white oval head opens a delicate lemon yellow, and as the flower matures it gradually whitens. Francoise is well known for its traditional tulip flower shape. Great as a cut flower due to its long vase life and is also ideal for pots and naturalising.

The First (Kaufmanniania)

With a compact shape and striking colour combination of cream with red stripes, this short variety does well in pots.

As one of the more UNIQUE and very early flowering tulips, these Kaufmannianas will open in day time and show their bright colours. They close before sunset, only to open again in the morning sunshine. The First has got strong stems and large blooms with a spectrum of whites, creams, yellows and a deep red colour upon opening.


Negrita is a truly impressive tulip with its unbeatable colour of deep purple.

Pink Impression

Pink Impression boasts enormous, long lasting blooms that look spectacular and will create a knockout statement in your garden this spring. Pink Impression is a hardy and reliable variety. Pink Impression is a beautiful and solid well shaped tulip on a strong stem that performs admirably in the garden or as a cut flower.

Tulip Mix

These bulbs are a mixture from our strong tulip varieties and will create a great display of vibrant colours in spring. What varieties you get is pot luck!

Judith Leyster

Judith Leyster is a truly stunning tulip with its 2-tone combination of pink and white.

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